2014 Grand Awards

Each year, we have the pleasure of recalling our travel experiences over the past 12 months and singling out a number of particularly memorable hotels and resorts. To be considered for our annual awards, properties must be relatively small in size, possess strong individual personalities, offer relaxing atmospheres and demonstrate a consistent devotion to personal service.

Hotels and resorts have been honored in the categories of Hideaway of the Year, Grand Awards and Special Recognition Awards, which include several people of note. Browse the galleries below for all of the 2014 award winners. Enjoy!

View the Hideaway of the Year Winner

Grand Awards Galleries

Hideaway of the Year
Hideaway of the Year Characterized as a hotel or property that is relatively small in size, this year's Hideaway of the Year is located in Venice, Italy. View Gallery
North America Winners
North America Winners Winning hotels from California, Canada, Florida, D.C., Nicaragua and Costa Rica. View Gallery
Europe Winners
Europe Winners Winning hotels from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France. View Gallery
Africa & Australasia Winners
Africa & Australasia Winners Winning hotels from South Africa and Australia. View Gallery
Restaurants of the Year
Restaurants of the Year Four Restaurants of the Year in the categories of Informal and Formal, U.S. and International. View Gallery

Special Recognition Award Galleries

Hotels Best Spa, Best Pool, Most Family-Friendly, Most Glamorous Bath, Best Hotel Restaurant. View Gallery
Experiences Best Bar, Best Beach, Eco-Adventure of the Year, Best Wildlife Experience, Most Memorable Hike, Best Wine Tasting. View Gallery
Indelible Memories
Indelible Memories Strolling in a Paris Market, A Botanical Safari in South Africa, California Spa Heaven and a Costa Rica Quetzal Spotting. View Gallery
People of Note
People of Note Chef of the Year, Hotel Manager of the Year, Sommelier of the Year, Concierge of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award. View Gallery
Cruise of the Year
Cruise of the Year This year's Cruise of the Year is aboard a smaller vessel that offers all the comfort and pleasures of a traditional cruise ship, but on a much more intimate scale. View Gallery

Additional Galleries

Disappointments of the Year
Disappointments of the Year Five hotel experiences from 2013 that weren't up to Harper standards. View Gallery
Gastronomic Highlights
Gastronomic Highlights Our Top 10 food and wine highlights from a year of travel. View Gallery
Wines and Spirits
Wines and Spirits Our Top 10 Favorite Wines and Spirits from a year of travel. View Gallery
Past Hideaways of the Year
Past Hideaways of the Year The six previous Hideaway of the Year winners, from 2008 to 2013. View Gallery